Hardwood from Excel Carpet is eco-friendly

The comfort, lasting value, durability, and beauty of hardwood floors are great reasons to choose hardwood for your home. It might surprise you that hardwood is also an eco-friendly choice. There is a growing awareness of how waste build-up and energy consumption impacts the planet. Many people look for ways to protect the environment with materials that are environmentally friendly yet beautiful. Hardwood floors meet those expectations. Being environmentally conscious means considering the impact of materials chosen for the home.

Hardwood saves energy

Hardwood is one of the most energy-efficient products to produce. The manufacture of hardwood is limited to running a saw and drying in a kiln. Advances in technology and manufacturing processes make efficient use of by-products and hardwood waste.

Examples include:

  • Shredding tree bark for mulch
  • Using sawdust for animals
  • Using by-products as fuel for operating kilns

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Hardwood conserves water

Forests are natural water supply filtration and storage systems. Responsible forest management selects mature trees to be thinned to create canopy openings that allow sunlight and precipitation to reach the ground in the woods. The process provides a thriving ecosystem that enhances the growth of seedlings and saplings. Sustainably managed forests release slightly more water for ten years or more after a timber harvest.

Hardwood floors provide better indoor air quality

Allergens and dust do not collect and become trapped on hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and clean, meaning the house is kept allergen-free with less effort.
Hardwood flooring in Atlanta, GA from Excel Carpet

Hardwood floors can be recycled or reused

Solid hardwood floors can last for a century. They can be refinished to bring back the original luster. At the end of a useful life, hardwood can be repurposed into wood products such as combustible fuel or furniture. If returned to the earth, hardwood naturally decays. Hardwood is durable and reliable, but it does not remain in a landfill indefinitely. Healthy indoor qualities and the sustainable source of hardwood are bonuses to the comfort, value, and beauty of hardwood. Visit our Excel Carpet showroom in Atlanta, GA to see our display of fine hardwood. We are the preferred hardwood floor company for people in Chamblee, Belvedere Park, Decatur and all the greater Atlanta, GA areas.